C​.​R​.​E​.​A​.​M. (Prod. K​.​O. Beatz)

by Dollar Coffee

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C.R.E.A.M. is the debut single off the Dollar Coffee "Nice Things" album, set to drop on 7/27/11...

Coffee rules everything around me!


(AR) You look mighty tired, bags beneath your eyes
Love falling asleep, dread having to rise
Dollar Coffee has arrived with the needed kick start
A caffeine burst headed straight to your heart

(BS) Drip-drop, double shot,
right up out the coffee pot,
sugar in the raw for flavor
Steaming hot, sweet and dark,
winter, spring, summer, fall,
a la Cart or fresh from the bodega!

(AR) Forget Dunkin Donuts and the Starbucks chain,
Dollar Coffee tastes the same, can be bought with change
And though this city may change, cheap java is a staple
Drop an extra dollar cop a pastry or a bagel

(BS) Right about there's where the mean-mug fades,
Get ready, get set, start your day
Body stimulated, if your mind gets bored,
grab a pour of the other Colombian pure!

Coffee Rules Everything Around Me,
Cream! Two sugars! Dollar dollar bill, y'all! (x4)

Can't slack on my coffee grind or my brain's plagued
by withdrawal, headaches, and I j-jitter in place
I chug cups of caffeine 'til my hands shake
cuz I only see my dreams when I'm wide awake (so)

Coffee stains my breath, coffee stains my clothes,
Coffee caffeinates and hyper-stimulates my flows
I read, I write, I listen
Morning, noon, and night a dollar gets me a cup of ambition

Bankers in pinstripes pay with crisp bills while bums cough-up nickels and dimes
Nowhere else can you find these two walks of life at the same place at the same time

NYC's IV'd to the dollar caffeine
moving to the beat of the drops' drip
Standing in line my mind drifts to my fix, eyes lava-lit,
a buck and some dap and I'm back to my java-script

Coffee Rules Everything Around Me,
Cream! Two sugars! Dollar dollar bill, y'all! (x4)

New York City, city that never sleeps
Cause the nightlife is bumpin' and the coffee stays cheap
From the Upper Westside to the streets of Brighton beach
There's always fresh Dollar Coffee within reach (check it)

In every borough, Dollar Coffee is ubiquitous
Iconic blue cups picked out from great distances,
Only one liquid is held inside
A brew infused with those robust grinds

So when you're way too drunk? Dollar, Dollar Coffee!
When you need to wake up? Dollar, Dollar Coffee!
Test you might flunk? Dollar, Dollar Coffee!
Myth to debunk? Yup - Dollar Coffee!

BS is Cuban, he's cafe con leche
Albert's Irish, so pour that Jameson baby
Dollar Coffee, your favorite legal drug dealers
Caffeinated, educated, spotlight stealers

Coffee Rules Everything Around Me,
Cream! Two sugars! Dollar dollar bill, y'all! (x4)


released June 27, 2011
Produced by K.O. Beatz (kobeatz.bandcamp.com, @kobeatz)

Recorded & Mixed by JelaniTheMC@gmail.com at Home School. Harlem, USA.

Original single artwork by Lane Scarano (lanescarano.com, @lanescarano)



all rights reserved


Dollar Coffee Brooklyn, New York

A double-shot of hip-hop for the soul. A freshly brewed pot of body-rocking goodness. As if orchestrated by the gods of rhyme, the meeting of Brooklyn transplants BS and Albert Rhymestein was indeed the work of fate. Rooted in a mutual love for hip-hop, they began collaborating together in early 2010. Talk of a short EP quickly grew into Dollar Coffee and the debut full-length album "Nice Things". ... more

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