Want Thing feat. Dru the Monster

from by Dollar Coffee

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Verse 1
Relationships are a curious thing,
Like a big band dance who can't manage to swing
And the difficult thing is they're harder to grow,
Like orchids transported from tropics and dropped in the snow
We took it slow...friends first, affection second
Hand-crafted the needle then lowered it to the record
Over the years grew together and separate
Never separately, that's the key subtlety oft neglected
My art, you respect it, you're a writer yourself,
And all the books read and collected upon your shelf
Physically reflect a passion for language and words
So your criticism is genuine and keeps me at work.
A dreamer met a genius in a universe of simpletons,
Cemented to a concrete belief in superstition
And when he stopped to listen, she started to sing
My materialism is you...my want thing.
You're the kind of girl that fits in with my world (x3)
Verse 2
(Dru the Monster)
I give you love, i give you pleasure/
You a star, the one i treasure/
Its hard for me to measure/
How far i am from heaven/
With these feelings that i got for you/
Call a doctor to....pull the plug i would make my heart stop for you/
But would you do the same? Different story/
I started sensing a change, the cash didn't bore me/
I dont mind spending bread if you're in your glory/
But now i wonder if you ever really did adore me/
A gold diggers attraction grows quicker, in fact/
Ya nose bigger, thats a known fibbers reaction/
actually i know you're lying even tho i still hope you're trying/
See the coats you buyin'? I work my ass off/
You checkin price tags for a skirt to match?!
Please! I dont think so/
You ain't gettin' handouts, tryna live in my world?
You ain't gotta stand out/ it's a want thing.
Verse 3
Second I saw you, knew we're getting married
Through the misunderstandings twisting happy with the angry
I love you - HATE you 'til I can't even stand me
Freebasing love attempting to avoid gravity
The royal 'We' never worked, still the pauper's spell-bound
Stare stuck on rose thorns in the old crown
Ripped off when coaster sprouted outta merry-go-round
Buttercup build me up, don't break me down
Depression daily, mania nightly
You caught dead middle of my mind cycling
Still you stood by me and my changes in psyche
'Til I slipped, lit a cigarette and you caught my lying
The asshole had the princess Ace Rock once fabled
but lost her when the ace up his sleeve fell on the table
Still, the worst storm clouds birth the brightest rainbows
That's why the other side of my bed stays cold 'cuz
You're the kind of girl (x2)
Want thing (x2)


from Nice Things, released August 5, 2011
Produced by Golden Child for Grand Staff.



all rights reserved


Dollar Coffee Brooklyn, New York

A double-shot of hip-hop for the soul. A freshly brewed pot of body-rocking goodness. As if orchestrated by the gods of rhyme, the meeting of Brooklyn transplants BS and Albert Rhymestein was indeed the work of fate. Rooted in a mutual love for hip-hop, they began collaborating together in early 2010. Talk of a short EP quickly grew into Dollar Coffee and the debut full-length album "Nice Things". ... more

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