Potency feat. Deathrow Tull

from by Dollar Coffee

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Verse 1
We need 50cc's of adrenaline STAT!
Man on his back glued to the floor of his flat
Jimmy Hendrix acid tab sweating through his fitted cap,
Relapse rehashed through the flesh of a cracked back
When in Rome, act like a Roman
Hit it once and the effects were sewn-in
Wife phoned-in, paramedics flown in
He left Earth with his words, holding his cojones

Verse 2
I've got a tendency for elegant ideas that crawl to the finish
When experts agree they wouldn't last a minute
Like Iron Mike on VH1 when he lost his riches
It's a contradiction (word to Robin Givens!)
Spill it all like BP when the relay starts
The wheels fall of and we skid and we make sparks
And maybe we ain't smart or careful or reverential
We're potent...'cause we make the most of potential

Potency, chemical reaction leave you scratchin' your head
Potent the lyrics, but did you really catch what they said?
If you wanna buzz, it's gonna hit you and then
You'll need a lot more coffee just to get out of head

Verse 3:
No need to brag, your feedback will leave your cheeks slapped
It's hard to face like a free-balling teabag
Rollin' up strong while your weeds whack
We keep it dope, believe that (welcome to the relapse!)
Steepin' the deepest of secrets, to cook 'em and eat 'em
Sneak up on cretans to geek 'em
Don't stop believing, it's a journey to sink your teeth in
And if you're only so-so, then you better know that that's what you'll be reaping

Verse 4:
Bunson burners boiling beakers filled with
mysterious mixtures, malodorous tinctures,
Herbal remedies whose recipes never reach the
populace like apocryphal scripture.
I postulate the apothecaries of the known world
were intoxicated when they first saw the fuller picture
The possibility afforded those whose distillations
and chemical combinations could cause fate's flower to whither...


Verse 3:
AR, BS, brokeMC, Dyalekt

It’s potent, the spokes of the wheel we roll with
It’s potent, the handfuls of clay we mold with
The solvent to cut the BS on the pulpit
Brimstone fire lit scripture left smoldering

Scalding, bold like the wolves that close in
The calling, transform energy to motion
I’m all-in, walkin to the centipede solstice
Buggin', wiggin' out til the spell gets broken

Frozen, staring at the ghost of the poem
Still underground, no wins for the molemen
Pavlonian Molotov, kerosene, soak it
The omens, the chosen, commotion, explosion

Quoted, when thoughts dreams and hopes are cogent
Spoken, sermons unnerving the theologians
Laboratory vials, the gun still smokin'
Alchemist, scorched earth re-birthed golden



from Nice Things, released August 5, 2011
Produced by brokeMC
Chorus Vocals by Ihsan Safiya.



all rights reserved


Dollar Coffee Brooklyn, New York

A double-shot of hip-hop for the soul. A freshly brewed pot of body-rocking goodness. As if orchestrated by the gods of rhyme, the meeting of Brooklyn transplants BS and Albert Rhymestein was indeed the work of fate. Rooted in a mutual love for hip-hop, they began collaborating together in early 2010. Talk of a short EP quickly grew into Dollar Coffee and the debut full-length album "Nice Things". ... more

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