F#​%​k the Economy feat. Rabbi Darkside

from by Dollar Coffee

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(BS, AR, & Rabbi Darkside)
Wall Street and the banks fucked us when they had the chance,
So I say 'Fuck the economy, let's dance!'
Everybody steady sweatin' personal finance, but
Fuck the economy and let's all dance!
Wall Street and the banks fucked us when they had the chance,
So I say 'Fuck the economy, let's dance!'
Fuck the economy! Fuck the Economy! Fuck the economy!
Let's dance
Verse 1
When economic symbols crash, not a single's in your stash
All you can do is laugh 'til it starts to move your ass
and your body starts to dance, can't count on an advance but
I was never good at math anyway
Current currency's back-breaking inflated
and motherfuck the banks taking all of my paychecks
They're song and dance tries to dictate our savings
with words emptier than my monthly statements
Through song and dance, we make it through the payments
Funds not needed for fun, this is a reclamation
What I'm sayin' is we're taking the slave ship NOW
By brute force of entertainment
Ben Frankly, they don't care about us
So in God we - No - in WE we trust
Take that and generate some more interest
Fuck the economy! Can I get a witness???
Verse 2
Are your savings in need of saving?
Is the amount in your checking account not checking out?
Check it out: one culprit was a lack of regulation,
So I'll gladly get my Warren G on and start regulatin'
Regulating what exactly, you ask?
Well, for starters what America has done with its cash
We gave a broke junkie a stash, with no questions asked,
And then honestly expected it back?
I'm lindy-hoppin' while the stocks are droppin',
Forfeiting stock options for some poppin' and lockin',
Cause why purchase no interest CDs,
when I could cop CDs from MCs that interest me?
FDIC...not a chance!
DITC for breakbeats makin' you dance,
And the only liquidation that I'm tryin' to see
Is sweat pouring out your pores profusely, you follow me?

Verse 3
Rabbi Darkside:

Everybody grab a partner
No means No
Here’s the party starter
Dough see Dough
Got my dancing shoes on tapping on corporate memos
Capital gains get taxed stomping it like flamenco
Risks undetermined internal revenue serving
I'm doing the Pee Wee Herman while Disco Infernos burning
Blame it on the middle men
Punished is the little man
Just your average citizen stuck doing the chicken dance
I’m a rebel with nerve in the federal reserve
Stash my money in a mattress while your cheddar turns to dirt
I ain’t got no portfolio so maybe ain’t got shit to say
Maybe it’s supply demand but I think that it’s kid and play
Bank notes ain’t notarized bankers blowing conga lines
Filling up their shopping carts I organize electric slides
Lock em away
I’m in the stock exchange with nothing but pocket change
Fuck the economy!


from Nice Things, released August 5, 2011
Produced by Spills.



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Dollar Coffee Brooklyn, New York

A double-shot of hip-hop for the soul. A freshly brewed pot of body-rocking goodness. As if orchestrated by the gods of rhyme, the meeting of Brooklyn transplants BS and Albert Rhymestein was indeed the work of fate. Rooted in a mutual love for hip-hop, they began collaborating together in early 2010. Talk of a short EP quickly grew into Dollar Coffee and the debut full-length album "Nice Things". ... more

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