Delivery? (cuts by DJ M​-​Tri)

from by Dollar Coffee

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Verse 1
Another late night, rolling into a
Slept-in morning and a deadline close in sight,
I've got t-minus 2 hours not just to write -
but polish and perfect so this piece is gramatically tight
Otherwise I might swap a cranky editor for angry creditor
And live an autentic but unpleasant bohemian life
Homelessness really bites...
Cell phone off and tossed in a desk drawer,
Herbal tea to keep me aware and nothing more,
Batteries removed from the remote and windows closed,
Surely productivity must be in store when...
Bridge 1
Bang, bang, bang! Who's knockin' at my door?
I already paid the rent and I'm the only tenant living on this floor...
Verse 2
A food delivery?
I didn't order anything so quite a mystery
But it's pulled pork smoked over hickory,
so I oblige in a simple act of chivalry now back to my artistry,
Ten sticky digits later...
a power-nap appeals to me more than an article for the local paper
I need a miracle, I'm gambling with my gainful employment
And cannot afford the wager.
Major crunch time, embrace the subject,
Get excited over the newly proposed city budget!
One hour? Rhymestein you can do this!
Wait...your stashed phone was on silent, right, stupid?
Bridge 2
Ring, ring, ring, who's blowin' up my phone?
If that's not news of an inheritance than please leave me the hell alone...
Verse 2
Work hard, play harder
3am just came home with somebody's daughter
It was as simple as some drinks and a cab ride
All goes well, this won't be our last night
Arm around her shoulder,
I'm leaning in to kiss her neck
About to peck when her phone beeps,
Which she checks,
Turns around and says we should order breakfast
Aight I'm with it long as I can get up in it when we finish
Things got hot and heavy,
I'd say more but legally my gentleman's resolve's gotta hold steady
I was an overready drunk and sober medley
Eyes fixed on the hips of Ms. Older Sexy
Bridge 3
Bang! Bang! Bang!
Who's knocking on my door?
Dude's there but the food's not
Hold up, wait...
I don't wanna die like Tupac!
Verse 2
He points left,
With his handgun
Damn son I was on some different kinda Magnum 'ishhh
Stop to think and it hits,
Pretty Miss is the missing link
- Holy shit! -
Duffel bag, by the kitchen sink
and half my things are between me and this player in pink
I been set-up, that's what I get UGH!
Never thought using my powers for libido'd end up like this!
Fuck it I'm pissed
But I force my mouth shut and eyes reactionless.
I got renter's insurance and there's more fish in the sea
This'll be over 'fore you know it B, breathe
Bridge 4
That's the sound of the police
And they're right outside of my house
Burglary reported by a man
On his delivery route


from Nice Things, released August 5, 2011
Produced by Willie Green.



all rights reserved


Dollar Coffee Brooklyn, New York

A double-shot of hip-hop for the soul. A freshly brewed pot of body-rocking goodness. As if orchestrated by the gods of rhyme, the meeting of Brooklyn transplants BS and Albert Rhymestein was indeed the work of fate. Rooted in a mutual love for hip-hop, they began collaborating together in early 2010. Talk of a short EP quickly grew into Dollar Coffee and the debut full-length album "Nice Things". ... more

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